Why Are Men’s Dress Socks So Long

Why Are Men's Dress Socks So Long

The business suit with colored socks is a look that says “Yes, I know the rules,. to believe your socks will be on display, go ahead and make it fun — so long as .
Second that for mountains of plain black dress socks. Whether it’s bold colors, striking patterns, or novelty repeats, the standard for men’s socks has shifted in a .
Your socks need to suit the type of shoe you’re wearing. . As long as the sock colour isn’t too bright, you can pair classic patterns such as argyle, polka dot and .
Dress socks are an article of dress clothes specifically for men. Traditionally, sometimes come. In the past, men would buy garters or sock suspenders to help this, but with the introduction in the 1960s of better elastics such as spandex, it is .

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